About Margo


PhD (Moments of Insight: Self and Change), Macquarie University (earned Vice-Chancellor's Commendation for excellence)

Registered Psychologist, No. PS0058293

BA (Hons) Psychology, MAPS
BA Communication, Charles Sturt University


PhD Topic

My PhD topic was basically self and change. Based in the field of Personality theory specifically in relation to adult development, it explored personal growth and personality change through the phenomenon of "moments of insight", or sudden turning point experiences.

Specifically, the PhD investigated the role these shifts in perspective might play in prompting developmental "updates" to our sense of self and the paradigm through which we view ourselves, others and the world. The contribution of this thesis was to offer an explanation for an existing theoretical gap in a major developmental theory of personality (ego development). It offers a new understanding as to how sudden transitions in ego development might take place.


University Lecturing and Related Experience

Seminar Stream Leader, Personality, PSY305, Psychology, Macquarie University. This semester-length seminar stream called "Sense of Self and Change" explored developmental and cultural aspects of theories of personality and their interface with theories of personality change. It examined the ways various therapies seek to facilitate change, as compared with change that appears to happen spontaneously.

Lecturer, Psychosis Workshop,
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, Macquarie University. Explored the impact that psychotic illnesses have on a person’s sense of self, and taught counselling approaches for intern psychologists.

Lecturer, Psychosis I & II, Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change, and Graduate Diploma Courses, Jansen Newman Institute of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, St. Leonards. Training intern psychotherapists as above.

Lecturer and Tutor, PHAR1612, Sydney University. Lectures and tutorials on psychology topics for first year pharmacy students: self-concept and body image; psychological responses to chronic illness; social support; loss; grief and dying. Instruction on empathy and its impact.

Lecturer, Suicide Counselling Workshop, Diploma in Applied Psychology; Clinical & Counselling Masters; Masters in Social Health, at Macquarie University. This one-day practical training workshop was run several times each year.

Tutor, Macquarie University: Introduction to Psychology; Research Methods in Personality Psychology

Group Supervisor, Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Applied Psychology, Macquarie University. Supervised small-group supervision sessions for intern psychologists.



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